Accounting System Management

Our most comprehensive business offering, our technicians will manage your bookkeeping for you, allowing you to focus on your business. You will receive ongoing, highly customized professional reports detailing your business results and providing thoughtful analysis of ways to improve and grow your business. 

Service Includes

·         Import and classify bank/CC transactions

·         Reconcile books to bank statements (clean up old/bad transactions)

·         Track asset purchased/sold

·         Adjust loans for principle/interest

·         Make journal entries (fixed assets, depreciation, loans, POS, Payroll, sales tax)

·         Identify issues as they happen and alert management

·         Monthly financial reports (P&L and Balance Sheet)

·         Sales Tax Reports

·         401(k)/Simple Reports

·         QuickBooks Online/Desktop migration and maintenance

·         Calculation of monthly payments

·         Tax Ready Numbers

What We’ll Need from You

·         Provide the following items monthly on a timely basis:

·         Bank Statements (login for download or import from QB Online)

·         Credit Card Statements (")

·         POA System Statement

·         QuickBooks migration 

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